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Unfortunately we could not operate it in the right way so now is closed.

            The Samolasi Inn is located in the centre of GiolouVillage in the province of Paphos. The Inn is situated in the old neighborhood next to a 200 year old church. The Samolasi Inn is consisted of eight stone built houses (studios), sharing a common yard, with a share swimming pool and a flourishing garden, creating a fascinating atmosphere, ideal for relaxing.

            The Studios were restored with traditional methods respecting the folk architectural characteristics, while their furnishing provides us a live paradigm of the exceptional beauty of the Cypriot houses of the past, creating a unique image which will drug you into another era, where the features of authenticity, hospitality and simplicity were dominant.

            The Samolasi Inn is a member of the Cyprus Agrotourism Company, an autonomous unit supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organization, which aims to the spread and the development of the agrotouristic idea, as an alternative fascinating way of tourism.

                         The location of the Samolasi Inn is ideal for exploring all the unique features that the Cyprus Agrotourism can provide: From landscapes of magnificent constant changing beauty and fascinating archeological places to a wide range of outdoor activities.

            Of course, if you prefer a more modern holiday approach, the town of Paphos and the small town of Polis are only 15 minutes drive from the Giolou village, where restaurants, shops and bars can be found. Also the breath taking beaches of Latchi are only a 20 minute drive. In Giolou village, you can find three supermarkets, three traditional coffee shops, a traditional tavern and a bank. Also, the PaphosInternationalAirport is a 40 minutes drive.

            Finally, the Samolasi Inn is extremely recommended for the organization of wedding ceremonies, in the traditional Cypriot way. The Inn as a whole can be provided to accommodate the guests; if extra space is needed the Kostaris Complex in Goudi village, which is a ten minutes drive, so as other agrotouristic units in the area can be used. The arrangements for the ceremony can additionally include a traditional feast with authentic Cypriot recipes, local spirits and folk musicians.

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            The Samolasi Inn is consisted of eight studios, listed as traditional houses, which combine in perfect harmony the Cypriot cultural and architectural identity, providing to the guests the conveniences of a modern, high-standard residence.

Each studio is equipped with an open plan kitchenette (refrigerator, microwave, oven, dinner and metal ware are provided) and a shower/wc .

            Type A Studio has two (2) double beds and can accommodate 2 to 4 persons.


Stefanos Farmakas 17.06.2019 23:10

It is a real shame because it's absolutely beautiful.

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17.06 | 23:10

It is a real shame because it's absolutely beautiful.

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Hello from Florence, Italy
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26.05 | 06:04

Hello! As I promised to you I send you some pictures from our Shanghai Landers Reunion in your Watermill on 06.05.2014.
First of all I would like to thank you for your exellent food and service. All of us had graet fun together with your russian guests.